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Best Man x No Mercy x Solid Monster x Night Tripp

Semen: $150/dose

Bred by: Rhett-Maverick Showpigs

Stress: Negative

Additional Info:

  • Sired by the living legend, Best Man, and backed by a sow family with boars known for GENERATING!

  • Full-sib to the Champion Hamp barrow at Houston in 2016 and marked perfectly to classify down south

  • Has that ability to throw his head up and reach off both ends

  • Big blade, ditched-up back and huge hip and maintains that genuine width to the surface

  • We will take Simone to sows with some chub to their center body to max out his potential




Tri-Vision x Soundwave x Black Powder

Semen: $150/dose

Bred by: Warren Brothers, Iowa

Stress: Negative

Additional Info:

  • 2016 Fall Classic Purchase

  • Balanced look with exceptional flexibility

  • Impressive spread up high and power from behind

  • Comes from a firm that left a blazing trail in the crossbred boar arena last summer!




John Wayne x No Hesitation x Chill Factor

Semen: $150/dose

Stress: Negative

Additional Info: White ones like this make noise in the Yorkshire ring down south!

  • Exciting look up front with a deal level hip

  • Big chest floor, incredibly square back shape and stout pin set

  • Stout feet and legs




Dough Boy

Monumental x Super Monster x White Trash

Semen: $150/dose

Bred by: Schaefer Livestock 

Stress: Carrier

Additional Info: Dough Boy's genetic backing has us fired up! It's always nice to use one and then see babies out of him and begin to use him even harder; that's the case with Dough Boy.

  • Stout bone and a perfect skull to match

  • Big, square feet and comfortable joints

  • Square made underneath and adds muscle

  • Mother raised Champion York Barrow San Antonio 2015 and Reserve Grand Champion Austin 2014





First Take x Bone Crusher

Semen: $150/dose

Bred by: Cody Reichart, Indiana

Stress: Negative

Additional Info: Kickstart is a littermate to the Reserve Champion Chester Gilt at 2017 OYE and the Champion Chester Barrow both days at the 2016 Black Gold Classic! His mother is a littermate to the Champion Chester Barrow at the Indiana State Fair 2014!

  • This guy's bone, head carriage, and athleticism are outstanding!

  • Proven pedigree from the Reichart firm in Indiana


Sober Up


Road Crusher

Back Road x Bonecrusher x Perfect Timing
Semen: $150/dose
Bred by & Owned with: Josh Fulgham

Additional Info: We see Chester hogs that look like Road Crusher getting along pretty well under any show judge! We weren't actively looking for another Chester boar for our lineup, but the opportunity presented itself to get our hands on a good one... So here we are!

  • Presence up front with the balance of skeleton they need to win

  • Big, square feet and reach off both ends

  • Natural muscle shape to give 'em that fresh look